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Solvve Diet Book

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Ayurveda for Healthy Periods

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About the book

What is the one thing that decides how healthy or unhealthy we are? Or whether we are suffering from any health issues?

It is our habits. Ayurveda says that the food we eat, our eating habits, & our lifestyle play a key role in maintaining good health. The book 'Solvve Diet for Healthy Periods' helps you build exactly that.

This book aims to simplify Ayurvedic Sutras for women to stay fit & experience healthy periods because every woman is born with a default setting to have healthy periods.

This is not just another diet book but a PLAN - a simple plan that talks about easy-to-follow tips to help you live a healthy life & enjoy hassle-free periods, lifelong. It includes:

  • 5 Vedic Eating Habits

    5 Vedic Eating Habits

  • 5 Vedic Health Foods

    5 Vedic Health Foods

  • Vedic Lifestyle

    Vedic Lifestyle

So if you have any menstrual issues like delayed, irregular periods, abnormal discharge before or after periods, scanty or heavy flow, unusual weight gain or any other health issues, the Solvve Diet book will help you get your menstrual & overall health back on track.

‘Let food be your medicine’

Ayurveda shows you how